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Help Your Child to Be Their Best!
You only get one chance 
Are You a Parent of an Athlete?
Do you want your child to DISCOVER their passions. . . 
while also providing them the opportunity to GROW?

Do you want your child to COMPETE at the highest level. . . 
as well as experience BALANCE in their lives?

Do you want your child to STAND STRONG. . . 
and CELEBRATE others well? 
Do you want your child to ACHIEVE great success. . . 
while learning to LOSE gracefully & with purpose?

Do you want to PROTECT your child. . . 
while at the same time EMPOWER them to be their best?

Instead of Searching. . .

for the next great parenting book, 
listening to yet another podcast, 
reading your hundredth blog, 
purchasing an audio-book you never have time to finish,
or awkwardly reaching out to another parent for advice. . .

What if there 
was a better way 
to help your child 
be their best?

My name is Eisha.  As an athlete, I achieved success at the elite level 
in youth, high school & collegiate play, both as an individual and a team. . . 
winning championships, player of the year honors, competing in multiple sports.
But it was the success in creating team chemistry and cultures where 
everyone was empowered to be their best, in which I take the most pride.  

As an athletic director, coach and teacher. . . 
I have had the opportunity to work with parents and youth from all walks of life. 
I have coached and taught preschool children to elite collegiate athletes, 
and every age in between for over 25 years.  

Empowering coaches, partnering with parents, teaching players and students from 
diverse backgrounds, each with unique dynamics, in different organizations 
and locations across the world. . . 

I have learned and been equipped with proven tools and tactics 
that have enabled me to build successful cultures, teams and leaders
in the arenas of sport and education for over 25 years. 

My passion is to empower others to be their best not only in sport, but in life. . .

I Want to Share These Timeless Tools with You!

BECOME the ONE who
Equips Your Child to:

  • Be the Best They can Be
  • ​Navigate the Pressures of Sport and Life
  • ​Work Together & Communicate Effectively
  • Let Failure be a Tool for Success
  • Deal with Difficult Coaches
  • ​Discover Their Passions
  • ​Make the Most of Their Time
  • ​Grow Through Every Disappointment
  • ​Be a Leader Worth Following
  • ​And Much More . . .

Imagine how YOUR LIFE & your CHILD'S LIFE 
will be different when you get to experience this!

NOW is the TIME. . . 
You Only Get ONE Chance
to Raise Your Child

The Solution = Fit to Lead Parent Toolkit

Your INVESTMENT is an 
All-Encompassing Experience 
which includes. . .

  • Effective & Simple Tools for Success: 55 proven tools, tactics and perspectives to empower you and your child to be your best, both in the world of sport and in life
  • ​Parent Training: a deep dive into 3 foundational tools which will equip you to maximize your ability to lead, motivate, communicate and achieve success  
  • Awareness Into Action Blueprints: for each tool there are clear steps to bring awareness and move you into action, which will lead to transformation in your life and the life of your child, both on and off the field of play
  • ​Practical Examples: loaded with practical examples to clearly explain how each tool is used in real-life situations
  • Weekly Accountability Emails: to provide the support needed along the journey, as we focus on implementing 1 tool each week  
  • ​​The Plan for Success: the step by step process to ensure you make the most of your   Fit to Lead Parent Toolkit, without being overwhelmed or confused
  • Specifically Designed for Busy Parents: each session provides the "minimum effective dose" that gives you everything you need, and nothing you don't
  • Transformational Journey: this experience will equip you with the right tools to successfully navigate the adventure of being a parent of an athlete, to strengthen your relationship with your child, and become leaders worth following 

The Social Proof

Exactly What We Needed
"As parents of two active boys, we have always tried to help our kids be successful in sports and life.   Even with the best intentions, sometimes it isn't intuitive or easy.   Finding Coach Eisha and the Fit to Lead Parent Toolkit was exactly what we needed - bite sized advice, content and practical examples of how to make massive impact in the lives of our boys.  Her program is thought-provoking, easy to follow, and fits nicely into our busy schedules.  It has changed our parenting for the better and most importantly our kids are soaring.  It is well worth the small investment for a lifetime of benefits!"
Kellie & Paul Kaseburg - parents

Can Bring Great Rewards in the Future
"The best part of the Fit to Lead program is that it has aligned with what we hope to instill in our kids at home... And that making it a part of your daily routine can bring great rewards in the future, as a young adult and into parenthood."
Rocco & Brooke Cortese - parents

Fit to Lead is So Cool
"Coach (Eisha) is an amazing coach and a great role model that everyone should look up to!  She always puts a smile on my face, and is so kind and caring to others.  Coach (Eisha) is so creative and gives all of the students a great opportunity to be a leader.  Fit to Lead is so cool!  I will never forget how much Coach (Eisha) has done for me."
Sean (age 10) - student athlete

Ability to Inspire & Empower
"Eisha has an amazing ability to inspire and empower kids and coaches to be their best and to enjoy the journey!" 
Lisa Ronco - parent & coach

Fit to Lead Creates Leaders of Influence
"As a leadership development professional, I know the key attributes to a leader others want to follow are humility, confidence, and one that is secure.  Eisha embodies these characteristics.  Effective communication, intentional relationships, and a culture of empowerment lead to organizational health.  Fit to Lead is built on this strong foundation.  The highest level of leadership is being able to multiply one's success through empowering other leaders.  Fit to Lead creates leaders of influence, where the impact on each person not only provides individual growth, but a healthy culture of empowerment where challenges are welcomed as opportunities for growth.  Eisha is always fighting for the highest possible good of those she leads."
Jim Lee - Founder of B-Spoke & GiANT Senior Consultant

Don't MISS OUT on This 
Unique Experience

Make the MOST of This 
Window of Opportunity

The Benefits Will Last a LIFETIME

Your INVESTMENT is an 
All-Encompassing Experience . . .

What You Get:

  • ​The Parent Training  to deep dive into 3 foundational tools which will equip you to maximize your ability to lead, motivate, communicate and achieve success
  • ​The Plan for Success to ensure you make the most of your Fit to Lead Parent Toolkit
  • ​Weekly accountability emails to help you implement one proven and timeless tool each week
  • ​Each session provides the "minimum effective dose" that gives you everything you need, and nothing you don't - presented in the format of 3-5 minute video with transcript and audio
  • ​Each tool has a simple step by step process of application through the Awareness Into Action blueprint 
  • ​Lots of practical examples to clearly explain how each tool is used in real-life situations
  • Immediate and 24/7 access through your personalized membership portal
Features:  The right tools to help you successfully navigate the adventure of being a parent of an athlete as well as weekly support and accountability along your journey of transformation!
Cost:  $29 per month
(You likely spend MORE than that amount on a single family meal. . . Isn't your child worth more!)

Annual Membership:  Get 2 months FREE!

​Zero Risk:  Unsubscribe at any time 
Priceless Investment... 
You cannot place a price tag on your relationship with your child and their lifetime success!  
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